Trevor Moawad: More Than a Game

How do you describe a relationship with a mentor you’ve never met? How about a mentor you will never get to meet?

This is where I find myself with the great, Trevor Moawad.

I learned about Trevor through studying one of my favorite athletes of all time, Quarterback, Russell Wilson. Trevor and Russell started working together after the QB’s historic Rose Bowl appearance at Wisconsin. Trevor helped Russell cultivate a “neutral” mindset to enhance his performance both on and off the field. A framework for letting go of what is out of your control, and owning what you have the power to manipulate.

Trevor made a career working with some of the best athletes and coaches on the planet. From top college football programs to elite NFL players, Trevor worked with the best of the best since his early days at IMG Academy. All of this hard work culminated in a portfolio of clients with championships to prove it.

Since Wisconsin, Trevor’s efforts with Russell have paid off in spades. 9 Pro Bowls, the most wins by an NFL quarterback through nine seasons (98), and a Super Bowl ring — propelling him into Hall of Fame status while still in the prime of his career. He’d credit his success to his neutral mindset if you asked Russell.

So, how did Trevor impact me?

Believe it or not, I am not an elite athlete like Russell Wilson or a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

I am, however, a human that aspires to make a positive impact on the world around me. Like a sponge, I crave wisdom in hopes of developing a slight edge over the competition. My athletic career has subsided, but my hunger for greatness lives on. I want to learn what it takes to become a great leader. That’s how I found Trevor.

I started with his book, It Takes What It Takes. Since its release in 2020, I must have read and listened to it at least 4 times. Riddled with stories and analogies I could understand as a sports enthusiast, Trevor built a framework for performing at the highest level. Trevor showed me a path to apply the mental framework used by champions like Russell Wilson, in my own life.

This is where my journey began.

Over the coming months, I read Trevor’s words religiously and began practicing neutrality as a lifestyle. Rather than acting on emotion, I became aware of opportunities to skip the theatrics and get to what’s real. Honing in on my ability to make my own choices. Trevor taught me to block out the noise and spend more time with my thoughts. I gave up the news and even cleaned up my music choices. I now understood that what goes in, comes out. It’s up to me to decide.

I’ve continued this practice to this day. Getting to neutral has become less of a goal and more of a lifestyle. Trevor’s wisdom is deeply ingrained in my daily wellness, blending perfectly with mindfulness and meditation. My relationships, creativity, and productivity have all benefited from this shift.

Sadly, Trevor moved on in the Fall of 2021 after a long bout with cancer…

He spent his life bridging the gap between neutral thinking and human performance. Inspiring swaths of leaders along the way. While he may no longer be with us, his message will be relevant for generations to come. Trevor left it all on the field.

I did not have the opportunity to meet my mentor, Trevor. But I feel a sense of purpose that my embodiment of his lessons can be used to inspire the next generation of leaders. The impact I make on the world will be rooted in the wisdom he taught me from afar.

Thank you, Trevor.

To support Trevor’s work, please consider picking up a copy of his new book, “Getting to Neutral”.



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